Feedback Loops

We’ve had good days where one thing happens after another. Good or bad, things are happening. By the end of the day, you might be exhausted, but likely pleased with a rewarding feeling of a full and productive day. Of course, leaving a lot more yet to be accomplished. Conversely, there are the days where…… Continue reading Feedback Loops

Guidance Systems

We are constantly in search of what to do and how to do it. We want answers. We’d even like the steps provided. A detailed How-To. Maybe a shortcut. Could you do it for me? Some things we must do ourselves. We’ve mostly caught on to that at this point. But maybe we haven’t fully…… Continue reading Guidance Systems

Waiting For The Right Time Is a Prime Example of Wasting Time

First, a quick aside: I wrote the majority of this during the MLK Day weekend. It seems more imperative this year than others of recent memory to remember and celebrate MLK for who he was and his mission. So before moving toward this essay, I’d like to present two things. A super uplifting tweet, when…… Continue reading Waiting For The Right Time Is a Prime Example of Wasting Time

2017 in Review

In 2015 I posted a picture to Instagram taken at my old apartment on West 3rd Street in the village, affectionately known as the Blackhole for its ability to suck people into late night conversations or impromptu dance parties. My caption was “Farewell, Blackhole. Perhaps the most transformative place in my life.” The picture is…… Continue reading 2017 in Review

Fooling Yourself

Porto Tracks

Mike Dariano’s The Waiter’s Pad should be more widely read. I’m sure his readership has been growing heaps lately, but we’d all be wiser if more of us read his well-synthesized material. I was delighted as I read one of his year-in-review posts entitled Know Thyself. A nod to the plaque above The Oracle’s door,…… Continue reading Fooling Yourself

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Advice to my Younger Self

Staying silent for ten days and focusing on one single thing for 12-14 hours of each of those ten days would, one would think, not leave much time for thinking and meandering through the corners of one’s brain. Alas, the brain, at least mine, craves distraction and moving from thought to thought quickly enough to…… Continue reading Advice to my Younger Self

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