Hello, Western Hemisphere

I’ve just added a new page full of reading suggestions and podcasts to listen to. You might have already noticed the new link in the menu system depending on your reading device. Over the two years at Columbia and these months of travel, I’ve had the joy of being exposed to great material that has been expanding and challenging. I wanted to capture some of the things I’ve enjoyed most and share them. I hope you can enjoy something there and welcome any feedback and suggestions.

Shell and I have been very lucky to spend some days on the rainy island of Hawaii with her family and will journey on with them to the snowy mountains of Canada. After all this great fun celebrating several birthdays with family and friends, we fly to Tokyo where we are planning to stay at least five weeks. We plan to connect with quite a few people we are lucky to know in Tokyo, take some language lessons, study martial arts, enjoy the cherry blossoms and suck down a lot of ramen. Depending on how we do with budgeting Japan we’ll see how long we stay, but for now, we’re very excited to do all that we can. More suggestions and connections are always welcome!

We also plan to spend time in Seoul and Taiwan, but the planning has hardly begun for those outside of a wedding we’re pretty pumped for – So, send us everything you know 🙂

Since the time I last wrote we have enjoyed our time on the beaches of Railay and Ko Lanta (above), the markets of Chiang Mai, the ancient town of Hoi An, and the bustling capital of Hanoi. Vietnam was a treat for us just like it was five years ago. I am anxious to share more of those experiences with you just as soon as we settle into Tokyo.

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By Daniel Hatke

The author was born and raised in Indiana. After graduating from Purdue University he worked in the asset management industry in New York City. He holds an MBA from Columbia Business School with concentrations in finance and entrepreneurship. Currently, he is fueling his curiosities through taking time off for extended travel and experiences in Europe and Asia, as chronicled here.