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Hi, I’m Daniel Hatke, I originally started this site as a way to share some of my travel stories in 2013. Dormant since I’ve recently blown some new life into it and have hopes for sharing more. 

This site may be a workspace for processing ideas and opinions, or part sounding board and experiment, to thoughts from adventures and travel, and very amateur photography. 

These ideas and opinions will broadly be around behavior and self, improvement, business, and technology. Whatever I may be working on that could, someday in some way, be useful to someone else. I will likely lament over the many things I do not know or do correctly, and therefore link to material I have found thought-provoking and worthy of giving time.

About Me

I graduated from Purdue University and went on to nearly a decade leading technology and security in the asset management and hedge fund industry. I also graduated from Columbia Business School with an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship. A passion for business and investing has blossomed from working in the investing industry, attending Columbia, reading great books, and practicing.

My wife and I have placed a priority on travel this past year. Our adventures have provided perspective from other cultures and illuminated a different lens with which to think about life. See what’s shaping my thinking.